Frequently Asked Questions

How does your profit compare to your competitors?

Our profits are the best in the industry. I encourage you to research this claim.

Do you require immediate payment for my order?

No, most orders qualify for our “No Money Up Front” payment option. Click here for more information on our Payment Options.

Can I return unsold cases?

Yes, if you have product left over at the end of your campaign you can return the unsold cases. Click here for details on our Return Policy.

Is there a cost for custom personalized case labels?

No, the only cost associated with personalization is time.  World’s Finest Chocolate produces your order so it’s fresh and uses your custom labels for each individual case so we ask for approximately 21 days. Of course our stock products are available immediately.  Click here for further information on this unique feature.

Should we sell door to door?

Absolutely not! We strongly discourage door to door sales. Your target market should be family, friends, close neighbours, relatives and people at work.

How long does it take to get started?

Usually within a day or two! We stock our products for immediate shipping or pick up. Contact us for details.

If there is a problem, can I contact you directly?

Absolutely! If you have ANY questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me by phone email fax or mail. Click here for my contact information.

Who actually makes your chocolate?

World’s Finest Chocolate produces all its' products from scratch. By doing so we control every aspect of our products right from the cocoa bean all the way to the finished product you will be offering. Exceptional quality, exceptional value and exceptional customer service is the foundations of which this family owned company was built.

Does World’s Finest Chocolate make Belgium chocolate?

No, authentic Belgium chocolate is made in Belgium and imported from Belgium.

One of my competitors claims to offer Belgium chocolate by using “Imported Belgian Cocoa Mass”. Personally I compare this to attaching a designer label to a common garment and claiming its designer or attaching a Porsche steering-wheel to a Chevrolet and claiming it’s now a Porsche! Don’t be fooled!

If you have ANY other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.